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Muddy Creek Kennel

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About Us

We have over 25 years of breeding and working police dog experience. We are certified master police dog trainers and narcotics, explosive, patrol dog handlers.

Our Breeding Philosophy

German Shepherds of Muddy Creek's selective breeding philosophy is no inbreeding. We have an excellent breeding foundation chosen from Europe's finest working kennels of the Slovak, Czech sport and Schutzhund. We do not breed American show lines.

Our kennel is designed to stimulate and challenge the mind and body, exposing our German Shepherds to everyday experiences with an abundance of toys, etc. They are kept in home climate controlled, well lit, immaculate, parasite free facility. All puppies and adults have access to outdoor kennels as well as large exercise areas. They are fed a premium food and are on a biologically appropriate raw food diet.

Environmental imprinting at a young age is crucial to a German Shepherd's proper development socially, physically and mentally. Human socialization is continuous with children and citizens.

All our breeding stock has been x-rayed for hip dysplasia. Adult males range in weight from 80-95 lbs. and 24-26" at the withers. Females are approximately 20 lbs. less and 22-24" at the withers. We breed all colors except white.

When contacting German Shepherds of Muddy Creek, we - not employees - personally answer all inquiries.

The Owner

Employees play an important role in any business. Here is where we get a chance to tell you a little about ourselves. We may talk about our families, interests, and what we do in our free time. We try to bring our passion for life to you through our business and this web site. We may even provide a link to our personal web site to tell you more about ourselves.

Our Dogs

This is where you can learn about our company and its history. We have been interested in starting our own business for many years and are excited to finally have reached that goal. Taking our business to the web makes the process even more exciting.

Our Kennel

Here is a picture of our shop.

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